Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Prophecy Fulfilled

The stars have aligned. The universe is in opposition to me completing a project to submit for the Sew For Victory challenge. Or so it seems to me.
I began this past weekend determined to complete my Sew For Victory dress in time to wear to church and brunch on Easter. Unfortunately, things did not work out that way.
I worked for about 5 hours on Saturday, grading the pattern up to my waist measurement. I drew largely from this post on pattern grading at Casey's Elegant Musings. I was very careful as I expanded at two vertical points on each of the front
However, as I was pressed for time I graded directly on to my fabric. This seemed to work out just fine as I used my French-curve ruler to connect the gaps and maintain the garment shaping. Then I moved on to sewing and pressing in the darts, and attaching the front and back pieces. At this point I tried on the bodice, just to make sure it fit.
It. Was. Awful.
The bodice fit just fine at the waist. However it was massive from the bust up. At the shoulders it looked like I was swimming in an ugly chef's jacket.
I realized my mistake. I am probably one of the most severely pear shaped women around. Across the board, whether off-the-rack or pattern sizing, my proportions are such that if I buy/ make something to fit in the waist, it will not fit at all in the bust, and vice-versa.
I did not know how to integrate grading a pattern up at the waist then down at the bust. And frankly, at 5:48pm Saturday night, with my fabric already cut, I didn't see any way to remedy the issue at this point.
So, I knew I had to admit defeat. I would not be wearing a new me-made dress for Easter.
Furthermore, I am moving all of my sewing and crafting materials out of the spare room in our basement this week in order to accommodate for my brother to move home. Meaning I will not have the time or space to figure out a solution and move forward before the 30th, when submissions are due. At least all of my things are looking kind of cute as I move them in to my room. I have a "bedroom suite"  of a bedroom and small parlor in the basement across from the spare room. So my parlor will now serve the dual purpose of a sewing room as well.
I did have a nice Easter, spending some time with my family, in spite of my grading fiasco.
My little sister looked very nice in the dress I made her for the Mad Men challenge. Of course I forgot to take a picture, but she told me that all of her friends at church were asking her where she got her dress. So I temporarily felt a little bit better about my sewing skills again.

Do you have any tips on fitting a bodice for a pronounced pear-shape figure?
Have you ever experienced the trails of botched fitting?
Do share...

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