Friday, March 21, 2014

Mad Men Sewing Challenge

As many of you may know, Julia over at hosts a Mad Men themed sewing challenge every year before the new season of Mad Men airs.
As someone who really enjoys mid-century fashion, I thought I would participate this year.
I decided I wanted to make a dress for my little sister. She and I looked over some possible pattern options, and we both decided on Simplicity 1609, a 1960's re-issue of a Jiffy shift dress.

The pattern has neckline options for a scalloped peter-pan collar, a bow, or a plain round neckline with facings. My sister decided she wants the collared option.
I have pretty much narrowed the fabric selections down to a navy cotton-linen blend with mild stretch, or  a large scale paisley in a light blue and green colorway. Both of these are in my stash and wouldn't require any further shopping.
My sister is fine with either of these two options, although she originally said she wanted a solid yellow dress. When I let her know that I was hoping to use existing fabric and spend a minimal amount on the project, she said that whatever I selected was fine with her.
I am leaning toward the paisley print because it feels a little more spring-y than navy, However, I am unsure whether a large scale patterned fabric would compete with the more delicate detail of the collar. In addition, the paisley is a decor weight, so I'm wondering if it will be hard to match weights between the dress and the collar.
I'm planning on getting started this weekend. I'm interested to see how it comes together since the claim is that it should only take a "Jiffy" and is "Simple to sew using 2 main pattern pieces."
Is anyone else making something for the challenge? You can head on over to Julia Bobbin by clicking on the button in the sidebar if you're interested in what it's all about.

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