Friday, March 28, 2014

The Cool Lilly: Mad Men Challenge 3 Dress

I know everyone has been waiting patiently to see all of the Mad Men inspired fashions generated by Julia's Mad Men Challenge 3, like I have. So here it is, with as much fanfare and pomp as can be expected of  me at this time (only a little)... My submission for Mad Men Challenge 3: The Cool Lilly.

I've named this dress The Cool Lilly because it was inspired by the famous Lilly Pulitzer shift dresses which became so popular during the 1960s. The dress I made is a simple, 60s style shift dress in a bold print. However unlike the famous Lilly, which takes its own inspiration from the warm tones of citrus fruits and juices, my fabric is in a cool colorway of light blues and greens. Hence The Cool Lilly.

I actually didn't have a specific Mad Men look that I took inspiration from, but this is definitely a look which is iconic to that era. I always associate Jackie Kennedy and country clubs with this look. Coincidentally, Lilly Pulitzer and Jaqueline Kennedy, née Bouvier, were schoolmates.

Jackie Kennedy wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress in Palm Beach

Lilly Pulitzer at one of  her shops 1962.
Still of Betty wearing a large-scale-floral shift dress, Mad Men.

For the dress I used Simplicity 1609. It is a reprint of a 1960s Jiffy pattern. The construction was pretty easy, and I probably spent a total of 5 hours across a couple days including ironing, cutting, and construction. This was my first time to do facings on a sleeveless dress, and I really like how it looks. The fabric I used was a decor weight cotton woven, so it was perfect for a pattern that used facings instead of a lining.
I eliminated the center front seam, instead cutting it on the fold, because I didn't want to interrupt the print. I didn't remember to subtract the seam allowance, so there was a little extra fabric in the neckline and I had to do some light gathers to make up for it. I actually think its a nice effect.
I ended up having my friend Hanna model it for me at work. I had made the dress for my little sister, but she is out of town until Sunday for her spring break.--Oh, children, still having an actual spring break with no obligations. You know not the value of such things.-- So Hanna graciously agreed to try on this dress and pose for a couple pictures. Thank you Hanna!

So that's it. I cant wait to see the reveal of everyone else's dresses/ outfits on JuliaBobbin next week!

Julia Bobbin - Mad Men Challenge III

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  1. Love this dress and the lovely colors of the fabric pattern. Nicely done!